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A Message from the CEO

I have been a physical therapist for 20 years working primarily with the geriatric population. I am a Geriatric Certified Specialist and have a passion for helping people maintain their independent lifestyle. Through personal and professional experiences, I have seen firsthand the stress and anxiety that comes with having to make the difficult decision to place a loved one in an assisted living community.

As a physical therapist, my expertise were often sought out when having to decide which community would be the right fit. I have spent the majority of my professional career practicing in assisted living communities, and I have a unique advantage of knowing what each community has to offer regarding the needs of my clients. My clients and their families were always so grateful that I was able to help them navigate this difficult decision. That is when I decided to shift my career focus to helping my clients and their families find the living accommodations that best fits the needs of their loved ones.

– Matt

Our Services

What We Do Best

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One-On-One Consultations

Matt will work with you one-on-one to determine the best assisted living solutions for your unique situation. All consultations are free of charge to clients!

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Comprehensive Assessments

After working in assisted living communities for over 10 years, Matt has developed a comprehensive assessment that will identify the level of care you will require.

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Personalized Tours

After speaking with you and understanding your needs, Matt will schedule personalized tours of the assisted living communities that best fit those needs.

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Exceeding Your Expectations

Why Choose Us?

At Senior Living Locators we are committed to helping our clients and their families find the best available senior living accommodations based on their physical, psychological, financial, and spiritual needs. We are sensitive to and understand this can be a stressful process. We are here to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

The goal of Senior Living Locators is to provide clients with all the information available so they feel comfortable with the community they choose.

Feel free to contact us during our open hours! We are open Mon – Fri 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Ready for your free consultation? Get in touch with us today! Matt would be more than happy to work with you.

Who We Are

About Senior Living Locators

Founder and CEO Matt has practiced Physical Therapy for the past 20 years. Matt received his Doctorate of  Physical Therapy from Wheeling Jesuit University. After graduation, Matt furthered his education by becoming a Geriatric Certified Specialist.

Working primarily with the geriatric population, Matt noticed the stress placed on patients and their families when having to decide which senior residential living community to choose. Matt worked in many of the communities and has intimate knowledge of each one.

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